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How to Hack a Facebook Account Online

Hack a Facebook account using a Keylogger

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hacking Facebook account online
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Introduction: Facebook Hacking

  • We provide an easy to use platform for users to hack a Facebook account online. Our platform was created by a team of hacking specialists. We have integrated advanced methods with our online platform to make Facebook hacking simple and confidential.

Hack Facebook Account Now!

We use most modern methods to hack Facebook passwords which are safest and highly confidential.


  • Vision: To make a sustainable Facebook hacking service available for all the users on the internet.
  • Mission: To integrate advanced hacking methods to create an easy to use online hacking platform.

Analysis: Hacking Facebook account

  • An increasing number of users who either want to monitor a Facebook account for a specific amount of period or needs to hack a Facebook password.
  • Huge potential for an online-based tool or service to monitor Facebook usage of employees in a company, Children at home, etc...
  • A large number of cheating in relationships demands a hacking service that can access Facebook messenger chats and activities.
  • Lack of technical knowledge to use readily available hack methods demands an online Facebook hacking service.

Hack Facebook Password in just 4 steps
No, Fill up/Survey required

1. Copy the exact Facebook URL from the browser and paste it on to the form given at the bottom of the website.

2. Enter your Email id and any helpful instructions that you have.

3. Please wait while we hack the password-log file of the victim's Facebook account using a keylogger.

4. Unlock/Decrypt the password-Log file and use the access details to login to the victim's Facebook account.

Scope: Hacking Facebook password online

  • To accept hacking requests online and analyze target Facebook accounts.
  • Activate the necessary online tools to hack the Facebook password.
  • Implement necessary methods to maintain the security of data and privacy of our users.
  • Hack the Facebook password and deliver it back to the user via email.
  • Deactivation of deployed tools and methods from target Facebook accounts.

Feasibility: Hacking a Facebook Account

  • We have tested the feasibility of hacking Facebook accounts with the help of malware. It is possible to remotely deploy a particular keylogger malware tool to a target device using network vulnerabilities.
  • There are various methods by which a network vulnerability can be manipulated to deploy hacking malware to the target device. Ex: Sending an email containing the malware.
  • The deployed malware can monitor the target Facebook account to copy its password and username.
  • There is malware that can be deployed remotely. This malware can be effectively used to hack Facebook passwords.

Pre-requisites: Hacking a Facebook account

  • The Facebook profile id of the target account. This can be easily copied from the internet browser. Ex: Chrome, Firefox, Opera
  • Any helpful information such as details of the device used by the target account, Email id, IP address, etc... Will speed up the process.
  • Email id of user is required to send the username and password of the hacked Facebook account.
Facebook URL
Facebook URL

Process: Facebook Hacking using Keylogger

  • Creation & remote deployment of keylogger to the target device using IP address and network vulnerabilities. The keylogger will be configured to copy only the Facebook log files from the device.
  • Remote deployment file will be combined with a normal file such as text file, image, etc... This combined file will be then sent to the victim's device using a trusted delivery method. Ex: Email, FTP
  • Upon opening the file, the keylogger will be automatically installed on to the device. Then the keylogger will start to copy the Facebook log files from the system files.
  • These log files will have the username and password used to access the Facebook account from that particular device. The keylogger will copy and forward these files to the receiver using FTP (Network file transfer protocol) or Email.
  • The receiver will open the password log files and decrypt them to view the username and password. Upon successful retrieval, the keylogger will be removed remotely from the device.
Facebook URL

Time Frame: Facebook hack request

  • The time frame to complete a hack request depends upon how fast the keylogger can detect the password log files within a target device. Remote deployment of keylogger can be completed in 1 to 2 hours.
  • After deployment of the keylogger, it may take another 1 to 2 hours (minimum) to locate the Facebook password log files within the system.
  • Once found, the keylogger will immediately transfer the hacked Facebook password file back to the origin.

Guideline: Locate the hacked password

  • You can easily find a text file named password log within the collected files.
  • Detailed instructions to locate and open the file will be given along with the email delivery.

Assistance: Online Facebook hack service

  • 24/7 online assistance is available before and after delivery. For any assistance, you can easily contact us through our contact form or using our support email id.

Trail: Hack Facebook Service

  • There is a paid trail available for just $1. You can access the target account through our portal for 3 days.
  • You can request to hack a single Facebook account using this trail option.

Submit a Request

  • If you have any questions, please contact us to clarify the same. Otherwise please proceed to submit a hack request.
Hack Facebook Password Now

Why our hack service?

  • Remote hacking process. Fast turn around and High accuracy.
  • The best and confidential Facebook hack service online.
  • Remote deployment and hidden keyloggers which are undetectable.
  • Hacked more than 9k Facebook accounts last month.
  • Facebook hacking service which uses the new keylogging method.
  • A 100% remote process that guarantees full confidentiality to your data.
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We provide an integrated Facebook hack service that combines modern Facebook hacking methodologies. Our specialist hackers are always there to provide you with a seamlessly easy online hacking service.

We provide highly confidential online Facebook hacking services aimed at gaining our client’s satisfaction, confidentiality needs, and security requirements with extreme care. Our experienced and well-networked Facebook hacking specialists always provide a high standard, on time, and consultative approach to each request to hack Facebook, thereby prompting our valued customers to repeatedly use our services for their FB hacking requirements.

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